How many dates, avg., do you go on per month? Not including the same person?

Don't include the same person

Try to give your reason why please. I'd like to know what the common reason is (ex//because of school? Shy? It's hard getting to the point of asking?)


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  • So far 0 times out of 276 months...

    So I've never been on a date in my 23 years being alive so far.

    Even tried online dating for 5 years but get no replies so I gave up.

    Possible reasons:

    1) Suppose from the outside looking in I must be a very very unattractive person because there must be a reason I can't even get a first date with someone.

    2) I'm a shy person and people seriously don't like shy guys these days.

    3) Didn't go to parties during my younger years so I suppose I'm lacking in social skills too.

    4) Only above average intelligence so not smart but constantly scored around the 90's in School/Uni because of the hard work I put in which ended up costing me time, effort and social skills which happens when you're stuck studying.

    5) Very unlucky always fell short of being mentioned, every scholarship I've had fell through, even at Uni when I had the highest marks out of our year I fell short of passing with honors, my average came to 94.99% so I missed out by 0.01 of a percent.

    6) Not rich so don't go out on the town much, taxi into town and back $80, 3-4 drinks $50, I don't know about most people but $130 is 3 weeks worth of food for me.

    • hmm I don't think it's because you're unattractive. There's A LOT of women out there, and our attraction is based MOSTLY on personality. Problem is that you need to get out more in a setting where a women could get to know you without going on an actual date JUST yet. If your personality appeals to a girl (she will find you attractive over time).

      For now, I suggest dating less than attractive girls (to you) to gain some experience lol you don't have to marry them.

    • You can only get a first date if the other person finds you physically attractive, so if you can't get a first date by my age you catch on that you are unattractive.

      That setting will never happen and I don't ever want to be that friend zoned nice guy that gets used and abused, I have a friend who went through that so no thanks I know how that ends.

      As with your last suggestion you sadly already have forgotten I have never gotten a date because I'm unattractive.

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  • Zero,

    yeah I'm a loser. :(

    plus with skool and all I don't date and girls only ask me to get together as just friends hanging out.

    • you would date tho, right? Not just because of school...I mean, you could have Friday nights free

  • 0 is my average

    • Why? Because it's hard asking a girl out? Just curious

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    • Yeah, but I'm more of an introvert so not being as social is perfectly fine with me. It's actually what I'm inclined to do anyway, so it works for me.

    • As long as you're happy :)

  • None. Never been on a date.

    • I don't have the courage to ask a girl out and one has never asked me out.

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  • When I was single, probably about 1 a month on average. Some months there were more, some months none at all.