French Kiss Fail?

Okay so the guy I was with in like November-December was the first guy I had ever kissed. I was far from the first girl he had ever kissed. But anyways it was like our third or fourth kiss ever, and he basically just stuck his tongue in my mouth. A.) It surprised me. B.) I had no effing idea what to do. I kinda panicked so basically I just kinda froze, he pulled away but didn't say anything. We kissed, just regular kissing after that and he didn't try that again. Were not together now but I was just curious of how bad I "failed", I mean I thought it was kinda odd it was the third time we had ever even kissed and he did that. But would that be a huge deal to you or no?


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  • Huge deal?


    You'll get used to it faster than you expect. If all you guys had had previously were quick little pecks, then I can understand if it would catch you off guard, but because you guys were making out, it makes sense.

    French Kissing is really no big deal, and you'll probably go through a phase with this guy where you'll be amazed that you even were surprised at this.


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