Jaded by "I'll call you..."

This guy seems really into me and has called a few times. But recently every time I text and mention getting together he says, "Call me whenever."

Is he blowing me off or trying to gauge my interest or prefers talking to me on the phone?


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  • Maybe he is just busy try to be more blunt about asking him out. be specific like can you go to dinner on Saturday night?

    • We've been trying to plans something over the past week. I was in the hospital when we were supposed to go out and since then there hasn't been a day that's worked for us both. We're both very very busy.

    • Just move as far out on your calendar as you need to to find a day that works for both of you. you both can't be booked forever now can you

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he wants to fill up his ego by treating you like that. Like it's not important or something. Don't put up with that and wait for him to contact, if ever. Or maybe he didn't mean for it to sound like that. Question him about it maybe.

    • Every time he's tried to call I've been at work or busy, so maybe he wants me to call him when I'm free? He knows I'm SUPER busy. I don't think he was being dismissive because when we do talk it's for hours and he initiates the texting, not me. I just have had so many men put the "ball in my court" so to speak as a nice way to reject me...curious if that's what's he's doing or just trying to be accomodating to my busy schedule/gauging my interest in him.

    • It's a good sign that he initiates and you two talk a lot, just continue that. Ask him also where you two stand. If you want. =)

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