We went out for one great date and he hasn't called me back for another!

I really just need some advice here. Its about this guy I really like.He works at a place wher he really couldn't talk to much to the customers. But we would always make small talk. Finally after months of small chat I saw him returning from his break, we chatted and exchanged numbers. We went out on a date. Talked for hours. I thought we had a great time. He didn't kiss me goodnight. Never touched me not even a hug. Kind of hurt my feelings. Anyway we talked on the phone. Saying that we would go out again . A few days went by and he didn't call me. So I called him he said he doesn't have time for a relationship (which I really don't want right now) I told him it was fine. We could just go out and have fun. We talked for awhile. He said he would like to go out again. It has been 5 days now. My calls have been un-returned . Nothing. I don't get it! He is kind of a big guy. I found his info online. He's 39 years old, (he never told me how old he was said he didn't want to!) and lives with his parents. I am 26 years old , attractive , and in super good shape. I don't get it ! What did I do wrong?! Can anyone tell me ? Any ideas? Do you think he will call? He seems pretty shy and awkward at times. But he is really sweet.


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  • Sounds like he just got out of a serious relationship. hence still living at home

    And sounds like you are looking for one. (Guys sense these things)

    Or maybe he just isn't that into you.

    Your age and appearance doesn't matter sweet so don't go thinking that has anything to do with that.

    Go out with your girls to a nice bar and meet a guy closer to your age and who will be upfront and honest with you to save yourself the headache.

    Good luck