I've never had a kiss, what is it like?

What was your very first kiss like?


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  • Your first kiss will be something you remember forever.

    It will shake your nerves and you will be lost in the seconds before it happens.

    Even though it is something simple, you will be terrified without need.

    You will worry and fret and wonder until you drive yourself almost mad.

    A kiss is simple.

    Just two people touching.

    It is a start to much more, and seldom an end to anything.

    It is difficult to screw up, and usually enjoyable.

    In 2-3 years, you could look back on this question and sense of anxiety and laugh.

    Kissing is just a physical part of the game we all play. Don't worry about it. It'll happen when it happens, and you'll be blown away. 5000 kisses later, there is still something special about it. Pucker up, and just go experience it!


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  • kiss your hand. its exactly the same lol. no joke. if you want the wet feely type. lick your hand and kiss it. that's it

    its special since its the first person. but you have to have kiss many family kids parents on the cheek.

    so yeah. kiss is overall typical but what I find interesting is the way it taste... when there's more going on

    ahem makeout session


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  • Honestly it was really, really awkward for me... the guy asked if he could before and it just wasn't cute or anything, no fireworks... maybe that was because I didn't like the guy that much :/

  • Just make sure it's a sober first kiss. The one thing in life that I wish I could do over: I would have experienced my first kiss when I hadn't been drinking.