How do I get him know it's okay to call/text?

I met this guy 3 weeks ago, we have a mutual friend, and we've been hanging out every weekend since. We flirt, drink, he's says he's my boyfriend when creepy guys come around when were at a bar. Its kinda hard to really flirt because he's a really good friend of my friend(the guy is bff with her boyfriend).

Last Friday my friend texted him from my phone because her's died. so he has my number, but technically I didn't give it to him.

How do I let him know its okay to use it?

He friended me on facebook after I commented on my friends status like 10 seconds after that he sent a request. My number is on my profile too.


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  • Just text him and say hi, ask how he is etc. Even if he cant/doesnt reply this time, at least he knows you are happy to txt, you have "re-given" him your number.

  • Has he texted or called you since then on his own?

    • No, but I'm wondering if he think it would be weird because I didn't really give him my number my friend sorta did because she couldn't use her phone.

    • At this point I would just text him and say hello. Joke about how he has your number now and how he'd better take care of it. Keep it light hearted, no biggie style. Have a little confidence. Guys LOVE a confident woman. And then, pick and choose when you contact him, that way you don't seem overwhelming or clingy. Friends have each others' numbers, remember that. So don't make things weird, and be cool about it.

    • I texted him with a little inside joke between us from the last time we hung out. Then we chilled this weekend just us at his place watched stupid movies...and kissed alot. Now its like should we tell our mutal friends we madeout or just leave it like a happy accident?

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