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Why doesn’t he just break up with me?

We’re both in our mid 20’s. together for 6 months. I’m 3 months pregnant. He’s gotten into this habit where he avoids arguments. Like if we’re about to get into an argument, he makes an excuse saying he’s going to sleep or that he needs space so we won’t argue. He thinks I’ll cool down. But it just gets me even more mad. Because when he’s done getting his space, he wants to pretend the original argument never happened and completely avoids it.

So he’s just recently been just mean to me. I hurt my hand a few days ago, so I prefer calling over texts. And he kept ignoring my calls. When he finally answered, he got mad that I should just text. I told him my hand was pretty bruised up and he just laughed.

He doesn’t text me as often as he used to. This whole thing started about a week and a half ago. And he’s been this way since. A week and a half ago, he said he needed space and would text me in the morning and ended up not texting me for two days.

I asked him if he wanted to break up and he said he doesn’t. Like why does he want to be with me for if he is just treating me awful? I don’t want to break up because I do love him, but a small part of me also feels stuck. I just don’t know why he hasn’t broken things off?
Why doesn’t he just break up with me?
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