Why does she act like this when I finally ask her out?

About a month and a half of flirting happened between us, she was nervous fidgety around me, couldn't look me in the eyes and was always playing with her hair and touching my arm and just trying any way she could to be real close to me.

I finally ask her out, and she says she's busy that weekend but maybe next weekend. I don't ask her out the next weekend, but the weekend after that I ask her out, and she says she can't on Saturday or sunday, but Friday maybe depending on her school and work schedule. So I tell her listen, just text or call me when you know for sure, but let me know with enough time. She never texted or called me.

Why is it that she's constantly rescheduling, saying maybe certain days, but then doing stuff that would signal she doesn't want to go out and indirectly saying not interested?

It's tormenting me beyond belief but I've decided to just start hanging out with other girls.If she comes around eventually then maybe I'll go out with her, but I've basically given up on her.


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  • Shes playing hard to get, doesn't want to appear easy, try one more time if she says she's busy again go flirt with another girl to make her jealous

  • maybe she's busy or doesn't wanna seem desperate or too overzealous...jus take command and when she says she's unsure ask her a day before then and tell her you gotta kno because you don't wanna b stuck without plans. but usually when a girl says depends on a certain day, theyre free when asked again at least in my experience

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