Picking her up from work on 1st date?

saturday I'm going on a date with a cute girl that already wants me pretty bad. I was looking forward to picking her up at her place and meeting her family, but now all of a sudden she wants me to pick her up from her work.

She's probably wanting that because she wants to show off to her co workers that she's going on a date, maybe make others feel jelous (I hate it when girls at my work do this stuff), but now I'm the guy that's going to pick her up.

I was thinking about giving her a single rose, because its our first date and I think it'd be classy, ya know? but she'll probably want me to come inside her work and meet her friends and stuff, making it sorta awkward for me haha, but I'm thinking whether I should bring it to her in front of her coworkers to make her feel special or should I just wait until we get into the car.

what you think?


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  • wait until you get to the car


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