Why am I so embarrassed to kiss someone?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years and before him I've never kissed anyone.

When we first got together I was nervous about kissing him and now we've broken up I'm nervous all over again. When guys look at me in that prevocative way I come over all embarrassed and can't even bear to dance with them! Please help!

Any comments would be brill

Thanks xxxx


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  • I honestly LOVE when a girl is nervous. Its the cutest thing, and trust me guys don't mind at all.

    When a girl is too sure of herself it is a complete turn off because it proves she takes her boyfriend for granted. So its a good thing your like that. I wish my girlfriend would sometimes be nervous around me.it shows she cares about you when girls are nervous.

    About the kissing. just go with the flow. usually the guy will guide you, but tell him you get nervous sometimes and ill bet you. you'll make him smile :) When he knows your nervous he'll do something to calm your nerves.

    Dont worry. just have fun :)

    I hope I Helped.

    • Thanks! If all guys are as nice as you make out that would be Brill!

      Thanks for the advice x

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  • Don't worry. Guys don't mind nerves; it's cute.

  • take it slow.

  • practice more.


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  • if you just force yourself to act a certain way then eventually it will just become second nature. bacisally just act confident even if you arent, if a guy that you think is cute makes a pass then just go with it and take him over to a quiet area and kiss the hell out of him! if you come off like you know what you are doing then you basically will