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I can’t figure out what he is doing? he says one thing but his actions say otherwise?

I met up with an old friend a little while ago. We’ve been messaging every day, all throughout the day ever since.
He is an extremely busy guy, extremely busy. but, he still takes the time to message me throughout his work day. I’ve told him, “well, I will let you go, I know you’re busy!” but he insists that we can keep texting.
I got the vibe that he was interested, so I asked if he would like to hang out one-on-one again. He asked me to clarify if I meant as friends or as in dating. I told him as friends getting to know each other better.
He said definitely as friends that’s he isn’t wanting to date right now because he wants to focus on his career.
i told him that’s totally cool, I understand. I apologized of my forwardness may have made him feel uncomfortable or weird, he reassured me it did not at all.
the last conversation eventually died out, so I let it go. about 7 hours later (I was asleep but woke up to it) he sent me pictures of him at this big event that he and his partners put on for people, at midnight. he told me what he was doing in this photos, and that was it. I didn’t respond until the morning, to which he responded almost immediately, early morning, and we continued to text all day. I told him our mutual friend wants to hang out and go hiking tomorrow and he says he is totally down and wants to hang out.
I 100% respect what he said that he isn’t interested in dating, I told him that. but, if I let texting conversations go, he initiates them again and it’s always with a picture or a video of what he is doing to get the conversation going again.

He said his ex was beyond clingy and he’s too busy to deal with someone like that, so I try and give him his space and give him opportunities to opt out talking to me, but he always insists on talking to me or instigating a conversation again when I let it go.

like I said, I will 100% respect what he said, he knows where I stand and I know where he stands, but his actions confuse me?
I can’t figure out what he is doing? he says one thing but his actions say otherwise?
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