If a girl doesn't text you, does she mean she has no interest in you or is it something else?

i know this girl and we're talking but doesn't really text me or call a lot neither I usually have to text her first and she'll sometimes text back or we'll text and then she'll just stop texting me... she said she was interested but I don't know if that's true ladies and fellas help me what should I do


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  • I don't think it means she doesn't like you, but I definitely know it can be frustrating.

    • so what should I do should I aks y should I lay back and give it time move on nd keep it movin

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    • If I were in your situation, I would probably try not to contact her again. Then I would probably have at least one moment of weakness where I would try again. Then after that try (or one or two more), I'd probably delete her number so I wouldn't make myself feel any worse by making more unreturned attempts.

    • lol tht is smethng I've done so basically its jus sayn lay back nd not pay attention tah that phone so I wnt keep contactn her...ithnk lol m I rite on whachu tryna say

  • She could be "old fashion" and thinks the guy should be the first one to make a move OR She may not want to annoy you...Have you gone out on a date? maybe she thinks YOU are the one who is not intrested in Her...Girls are so weird,im glad I am one of those weirdos and not a guy,lol!

    • no but we tlkd bfore back las summer nd jus recently started tlkn again...nd I'm tryn tah make a mve nd she knos I'm interested believe me she does lol she tld me she whas too I made plans tah hang with her tahday I texted her like 3 hrs ago nd she tld me she had misplaced her phone nd that she whas at a dance thn I texted her nd askd if she still wantd tah go on that date with me nd nevr texted me back I evn sent it twice 40min later because I ddnt thikn she got tha first ine nd still no reply

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