My best friend is butting in...

so I met my best friend Kenzie about a year or so ago. Well as we got closer so did her brother and me. After awhile her older bro an I became very close friends and I developed a huge crush on him. Well ever since he's showed interest in me and I've showed interest back she has been butting in and pushes me away from him. Its like she wants me for herself and doesn't want me to become closer with her bro or something. I mean every time I'm at her house hanging out I feel like a toy that's being pulled by my arms. One of them always wants me alone and then I get stuck with the decision on who to choose. I don't want to loose my best friends and I'm afraid that will happen if I choose.

What do I do?


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  • You should just make plans to hang out with her brother alone. If you make plans to hang out with Kenzie than it is pretty rude to ignore her and hang out with her brother. I would just set up a day were you have plans to hang out with her brother.


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