Does it mean anything when you talk to a girl often, and at first you talk a lot, but as time passes you don't?

I met this girl awhile ago talked a little bit then kinda fell out of communication with her for a year or so and randomly last summer we started talking again we got to the point where we were talking daily. We would be sending each other good morning messages and all that fun stuff and I truly started to like her after awhile. Sadly the day I was about to ask her on a date some other guy asks her that she'd met 4 days earlier and they ended up going out for like two weeks broke up, and ever since then its like she doesn't have any interest in carrying on a conversation. We exchange greetings and I ask how her days been and I just get short simple responses and it feels like there's nothing that I can do to just get her back to how she was. Getting to ask her out really isn't that big of a priority for me anymore, at this point I really just want the girl that I used to be able to talk to all the time and call my best friend back. So does anyone have any advice on why this is happening or how I can change this situation. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated


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  • Probalby lost intrest in you over time


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