Is he full of sh*t, why am I not enough?

My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off for seven years and during our off time he has seen people and has done some f***ed up stuff to me. We're really good now but he still bbms his "friends that are girls" all the time, texts other girls who are "just friends", emails and comments on their facebook stuff sometimes even girls he has a history with. He says I'm the only girl he loves and ahs ever loved but I need to know if he is full of sh*t and I'm wasting my time. Why does he need to talk to these chicks if he loves me and doesn't plan on being unfaithful. And by unfaithful I mean emotionally or sexually.


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  • I've seen this type of situation over and over, and it always more or less boils down to this...

    You have trust issues with this guy. Whether your distrust is justified or not is irrelevant. You need to be able to trust him, or your relationship has ZERO chance of lasting. If you feel like you can not learn to trust him, for whatever reason, then you may as well save both of you some time and end the relationship. Relationships do not work without trust, period.

  • he should be allowed to see people during your off time...and if you aren't allowing him to have communication with his chick friends you may have control issues...


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