Second date?

a girl in my college english class, she sat on the same chair as me in class and we had to write a essay about the rainy day that is going on se we combined our essays so it sounded liek we were both haveing the same day. afterwards she didn't have a ride home so I offered her a ride. we went to wendys, basically we spent the whole day together, she let me hold her, flirted a lot I played it real cool. then when I got home I texted her and said I had a good time .she texted me back. then friday I text her and she didn't respond back. We went out thursday after english class. is it right to see her in english class tomrow and she what her reaction is and see if she talks to me? and then wait for thursday to ask her out again?. or did I wait to long? since she didn't text me back she's not interested?


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  • A lot of girls don't know how to text approach is always be nonchalant like nothing happened. Don't go there and say, 'why didn't you text me back?.' I normally handle the situation by going to the girl and talking about the present day and act as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. My experience has been that girls normally say, 'oh, this guy is cool.he is not upset about the other time.blah blah blah.' However, when you start asking questions as to why she didn't text back, then girls get moody, so after I learned my lesson, I don't bother asking that.

    And don't wait for her to talk to you! AGain, go up to her and talk nonchalantly. Also, I avoid such lines as, 'let's go out, or do you want go hang out?' I normally just state the obvious like, 'is lunch time.where are we going for lunch todya?' :)

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