Went to the bathroom for a long time on date?

I was just curious because this has happened TWICE. the first time, my date went to the bathroom at my friends apartment, and she was like "abby there isn't even a toilet in there". and the second time, this week, we were at the bar and the guy was gone for like 5-10 mins?

YES but one of the bathrooms HAD NO TOLIET!
Two different guys by the way.

Both not doing drugs.

And going to a bar bathroom because of nerves?
Sorry its posting my answers like 10 times. it didn't have a toliet because it was getting renovated. it just had a chair, shower, and sink.
How is it redundant? If your oven isn't working, you shouldn't use your kitchen?


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  • he could bee going poop, going off the guy below me, its acually proven that taking sh*ts helps lower your nerves, I used to do it before every football game to just help me calm down

    • ya people do like to poop in restrooms

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    • Sorry I am new here, and kinda stupid with the internet! I didn't mean to p*ss you off or anything. Could he have been jacking off or something? Thinking he was oging to get lucky, and that he wanted to last longer?

    • lol, no prob, I ain't pissed it was just weird reading up there plus its filling up whoever else answered on here's like inbox thingy =P

      umm its a possibility but that would be a little pointless, to try masterbating at the girls house I mean... I wouldn't think so but wouldn't say its not impossible

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  • hmmm it depends what kind of guy is he.he could be nervous and need time alone. he could go in there to do druge. he could be doing anything

  • could be rubbing one out some guys testicles hurt REALLY bad after the have been sexually excited for long periods of time without release. it doesn't take much to be excited for allot of men.


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