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Is this guy at work interested or what?

Saw this guy few times around but hadn't been on same shifts I'm newer. Had to ask him something after. I was near his desk he reached out his hand to me introduced himself shaking my hand smiling lingered slightly. After this other person jokingly introduced themselves shaking his hand also not sure he does that a lot and haven't seen him do that.

In the corridor room he was leaving saw him coming out he grabbed the door for me. After I’d finished in that room I saw him again coming out of another he was a length distance 30 feet or so. He waited holding the door could've easily have gone and it was the end of the day. We got to another door he ran to get it again let me walk ahead of him? I smiled at him cause I was suprised instead of holding it for me to catch it walking i front he went behind. We chatted more said goodbye. Next had to sit beside him let me use his sign in code and was so you shadowing me or me shadowing you I don't mind. Customer came up to him he was like my colleague will take you I'm showing her the ropes. When he went quickly to do something be like il be in 2 mins etc you gonna be ok. Next day spoke again few of us. Overheard say he from somewhere in England I asked. I was said your from there said I used live there as well asked what part. He said had family there just outside. Spoke to him briefly some days later busy around few others he stood beside me asked how he was he said im alright are you good how are you? in softer voice different how he talks to others. He had do something then. Caught him looking at me from across the check in from across the other side turning his head. I looking at him too both looked away twice.
Is this guy at work interested or what?
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