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Guys who would you choose?

If you were torn between two girls, who would you choose.

Girl A: Makes you laugh, you get on well with her, are close friends, have a strong sexual chemistry, can confide in her about your problems, feel comfortable around her, have feelings for her, can both be honest and open with each other and things are just flows between you and it's easy.

Girl B: Is your ex who you was with for around a year and a half, you broke it off because you thought you was with her for the wrong reasons & she didn't trust you & was becoming needy. You came to realise though you still love her and trying to work things out, however, you keep arguing over pointless things, and the conversations feel forced & you don't really talk. And don't feel very happy with how things are. She also isn't able to give you things you need such as attention, sexual needs and being there for you when you need it.
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Guys who would you choose?
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