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Girls, Is she testing me?


Hi there girls,

I am asking you this question because I think you might be able to advise me better at this than guys could. I know it is hard to judge from afar but I still want to ask you for your thoughts and advice.

A couple of months ago, I met a girl, she is 18 (the constellation 18 & 23 is legal in Germany), we had met online on a dating site initially but went on to skyping which went really well.

She asked me questions like "Have you had serious relationships?" or "What do you think of girls who are very future oriented?" (I should mention that she is very mature and seems to have trouble finding guys her own age attractive, since she says, she "wants to love a guy like a man and not like a person" .
We also had a longer texting break of about 1 month which she ended by texting me first , she simply asked how I am doing. I replied and we kept talking for a long time.

Strangely, she also asked me what I think of "gold diggers", I explained to her that I find this behavior very dishonest and disadvantageous for the girl because the wealth is not hers and the man will see through it except he is happy to "buy" a woman.

She simply replied to this with "okay".

The real reason why I am uncertain as to whether she is testing me or not, is because she told me about a guy she used to be friend with but is still in a relationship with now - However, she is unsure whether she "loves" him as a person or as a "man" because their future views differ so much : She is more mature when it comes to this matter.

I found this strange after not having even mentioned this to me - Or maybe she may just be ending this "relationship" with the other guy?
I hope I have provided enough information for now. What do you think , girls?
Girls, Is she testing me?
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