Fate, Soulmate, could he be the one?

For 4 years I had strong feelings for my best guy friend. I have no clue why, he is a thug from the streets that all ways causes trouble. I am this sweet nice girl who all most never gets into trouble. He parties and drinks. I however drink tea and read books. I know for a fact he don't like me like that, he told me once about two years ago but let me down gently. A bit to gently. In the back of my head it tells me I could do better then a thug from the streets that causes trouble but for some odd reason my heart loves him a lot. I all ways think about him, whenever I am down his few words make me feel better. Yet sad to say he likes other, I just saw his Facebook statues about a hour ago. I try so hard to make my feelings for him leave but they wont. I tired dating other guys but it did not work. I met my best guy friend online, we meet for my friends forced me to do some stupid game online, he just chose to play it cause he was bored. We meet a moth apart from starting that stupid game and been close ever since. We never planed to play yet something made us meet. So you tell me from what you read above is this fate? Could he be my soulmate, yet he just did not realize it yet? I know this sounds like some fairytale but what can I say sometimes they come true.


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  • Not sure I understand the whole of this question - but if he's told you he doesn't like you he can't be much clearer than that. You no doubt want what you can't have, and it sounds like he'd be no good for you at all anyway. Carry on dating other guys and you'll get over your feelings eventually. Definitely don't think he's 'the one' from what you say.