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Does he seem interested?

so I'm really confused and such, lol. I'll tell you why, this guy my friend is trying to set me up with seems really nice. I've ran into him on a couple of dating apps, but we never talked. I guess he doesn't have much luck on it. we talked nonstop when she gave him my snap. but communication has dwindled until now, he would ask how I'm doing for the past few weeks we would talk for a few minutes then nothing back from him. so I just opened his snaps he sent me and didn't respond. But then the next day he sent me another one, asking how I was going. does he seem interested? he calls me gorgeous and cutie, I am so conflicted. I guess he's busy? but he said that he would like to get drinks with me cause I told him I was going out w/ friends. What's going on guys? Ughhh
Does he seem interested?
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