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What just happened between us?

I became friends with a coworker a while back. 2 months ago, he changed jobs. Ever since his last day, we started texting every day. We also hung out a few times - by mutual agreement, at his place alone in the evening.

Full disclosure: I'm attracted to him. I knew he has a long-distance-ish girlfriend he sees every couple of weeks. Thing is, in 2 months of talking daily, he never mentioned he's with her. He'd say his "family" is visiting or he's "busy" over the weekend - always describing whatever he was doing as something "he" was doing alone. (ie. "I went for a walk today." I'm making tacos for dinner, etc)

Last night, I was at his place watching a movie. I decided to cuddle up to him. He responded by putting his hands on my legs, grabbing my hands and holding them, touching my stomach and chest, putting his head on top of mine, etc. I could feel his pulse racing and we were both nearly panting. It felt intense. We continued with this for the duration of the movie.

When it was over, he said he needs the bathroom. When he came back he seemed annoyed and distant. Naturally, I asked what was going on. He then said he started to feel what we were doing was wrong, he had a girlfriend, and wasn't interested...10 minutes after he spent 1.5 hours pawing at me!!!

1. What the hell happened in that bathroom?
2. Why would a "friend" lead me on in a situation like this if he felt so strongly about his gf?
3. How do I proceed with this guy from here?
3 mo
Update: I actually asked him right there and then how we'd proceed from here and he rather pissy-ly told me "we'll continue doing what we always did".
What just happened between us?
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