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Would you date a single mother?

I've seen a lot of negativity on here from mainly men about how single mothers are a terrible option, bottom of the barrell and some really harsh, judgmental opinions.

I am a single mom and having a baby at 19 was pretty humiliating and I was scared. But I finished nursing school, managed excellent credit score and my kid is a well behaved boy. I've accomplished a lot. Although me and the father did not stay together we still talk and be civil. Everything fell into place for me. I sacrificed my dating life and having a social life to get where I'm at. So the past couple years I have dated and went out with several guys that have admitted to me that they admire how successful I am at such a young age and it's a turn on to see my nurturing side to my son and reassures them that i would be a good mother to my future children. I really have my shit together for someone with my circumstances. I also have worked with nurses and even a few doctors that started off as single mommys to more than one child! I always so inspired by it.

Personally, I didn't really give guys a chance that had children. I didn't want the drama of the mother and wanted to give my future husband the gift of his first baby but the man I'm with now is a single father and it really turns me on to see him be a dad. It reassures me that he will be a good dad to our children.

I just don't think it's fair to bash single mom's like they're used garbage? It's one thing to not want to date a woman with a child because you don't want to get attached or not good with kids or have that responsibility yet but from my ecpierence I have seen some women accomplish more than a person with out children. To me it's pretty impressive and I salute the ones that have had to sacrifice to get where they want.
Would you date a single mother?
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