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Why won’t he make a move?

Ok so I added my coworker on Snapchat about a month ago because he kept asking me for it. He has been messaging me constantly pretty much everyday day and night. He will literally go to my job and just be there for hour just so he can be around me. I was not feeling it but decided to give him a chance so I went out with him. I really wasn’t expecting him to make a move but at the same time if he did I wasn’t going to fight it. We started talking and he told me that he had never been in a relationship or had sex so I thought maybe that was the reasoning. I have hinted the idea of getting physical but I’m not sure if he is getting them. I have hung out with him 3 other times and he has not tried to do anything. He’s a really nice guy and I feel like it would be nice since we are both virgins we could both figure this whole physical thing together but he will not do anything and at this point I feel like I’m aching for it and can’t wait anymore!
Why won’t he make a move?
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