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Does this guy like me or not?

I'm just gonna go through some positive and negative details about us, and I'm really confused so please, anyone answer;((((

1. He asked me if I wanted to go to Malaysia for 8 days with him.
2. He calls me cute nicknames.
3. We text for a super long time especially before we sleep.
4. We give each other morning calls.
5. He asked whether I was doing volunteer works and said he wanted to sign up too.
6. He sends me videos of him playing the guitar (I once mentioned I think guys who play the guitar are cool but I don't know if it's relevant)
7. He lets me pinch his face, stroke his hair, and vice versa
8. He always laughs a lot when he's beside me and he always makes awkward jokes then laugh with me (I'm not sure whether this is good or bad)

1. He told me he thinks a girl is cute (but then says he only wants to be friends with her)
2. He reads my messages very soon but replies after a long period of time.
3. He says that lots of girls mistake him for liking them (does he say that on purpose to me?)
I can't think of more negatives, probably because I want to believe that he likes me so I don't see them.
What do you guys think?
And also- guys, if you have any explanations for the behaviors above, plzzz answer!!
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Does this guy like me or not?
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