I am confused, I’m not sure what to do? Talking to two girls?

Been talking to two girls I met on dating apps within about a day of each other. Talked to both for about a week before setting up a date. Girl A I have had two dates with, we hooked up on the second date (not quite all the way, but it got close because she wanted to wait). I still don’t know if we’d be a good fit, after only two dates I am not sure, she acts a bit strange and I’m not sure if it’s just nerves or if that’s how she really is. While we were on the date, I was driving her around and she had her phone hooked up to my car for music, when suddenly she gets a notification. I didn’t think anything of it, but she just says “hahah oh, that’s humble. I don’t know why that went off, I didn’t even swipe today.” Just seemed so weird... The other issue is she is going into surgery next week and I would feel like a dick if I essentially “hit it and quit it” right before something like that. I kind of want to give it a third date chance, but I also don’t want to lead her on more if it doesn’t work out. But I guess that’s what dating is, you don’t intend to lead people on, sometimes you just have to go on dates to find out...

The other girl I haven’t been on a date with yet, but I am hanging out with her tomorrow. Things started getting pretty flirty between us and I think we are likely going to hook up given how we’ve talked about meeting up. Who knows, maybe we will have no chemistry and it won’t work out.

But I feel really guilty because I am flirting with these two girls at once, I know this is part of dating, especially with dating apps. You talk to multiple people at once and figure out who is the best fit. But I feel really guilty about it, like I am leading them on. And I also don’t know how would be best to break it off with them if it doesn’t work out. I don’t necessarily want to say I met someone else, because that has always hurt me really bad when someone told me that. So in these instances, white lies seemed like the less cruel options.
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I also have a tendency to only date one person, and just accept that that is the person I am going to date, even if it’s not right for me. That’s why I’m trying to date multiple people, to try to get out of that habit. And I know that I am no where near exclusive with either of them, so feeling guilty about dating multiple people isn’t exactly fair, but I still do...
I am confused, I’m not sure what to do? Talking to two girls?
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