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Is it normal not to date?

I’m a 23 year old, 6’1” 187 lb guy. I’ve always been the fat kid my whole life. I lost about 130lbs in the last year and a half. No, I don’t have sagging skin or Any insecurities about my body anymore.

The thing is that women were never attracted to me. I’ve been rejected multiple times but i understand. Fat guys aren’t attractive, therefore, I’m not bitter about getting more female attention. I enjoy making out and flirting with girls I would have never dreamed of talking to. I’m 23 and never had a date and It seems like a drag to me to start now. I really don’t feel like formally dating a girl. I just want to keep enjoying the one night stands and make out sessions. I’m too focused on my future career as well. I don’t have time for a girlfriend, which is ironic because I always wanted one when I was fat.

is there anyone out there that feels like dating is a drag?
Is it normal not to date?
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