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Girls, How to find lesbians to date?

I think I might be into girls but I cannot seem to find other girls who are in my town. They are not very active on apps so I always go back to dating men because men are easy but that never leads anywhere for me and my interest in women is still there, distracting. I was out with a guy yesterday but I was constantly distracted by this beautiful woman sitting at a table further away.
I know of a few lesbian communities in my town who arrange meetups but I am scared to go because of social anxiety and I have no one to bring with me. I think most people who go to such things are pretty social and I often get misunderstood as rude for not talking because i'm so shy and I don't want that happen but I won't be able to walk up to complete strangers and start introducing myself. :/
I feel pretty hopeless about ever finding a woman to date. I guess I could search on apps for women in a big city where there might be more active but then it'll be a distance-thing...
Girls, How to find lesbians to date?
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