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Went on a date with a new man?

I went out with this guy for the first time on Friday. We went to dinner and we ended up hitting it off (stayed at the restaurant for like over 3 hours). After we went and saw a movie. When the movie was over we chatted outside the theater a bit before he walked me to my car. We talked some more at my car but it was late (like 130 at this point). We said goodbye (he hugged me) and parted ways. I ended up texting him the next day to say thanks for a good time. He texted me several hours later to say he was happy I made it home safety and that he had a lot of fun too. He went on to tell me what he was up to that day. I responded about my day and then nothing. I texted him today to say hope you have a relaxing Sunday before the work week. And nothing. I know on Sundays he usually disconnects from his phone, but I don't know. Maybe I’m overthinking it. I just can’t decide if I think he’s interested in me or not. What do you guys think?
Went on a date with a new man?
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