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How important is space?

Okay so I've never had much luck with dating and I'm not what you'd call "normal" (persistent developmental disorder (autism) and ADHD).
Recently I've fallen in love with someone who fell out of nowhere. We talked and grew closer over a few months. We talked everyday pretty much every hour.
Then one day she says she has a lot on her mind (which is very possible she has just lost her job) on the day we were planning to meet for another date.

Now as a creature of habit I find it really hard to stop a daily routine out of nowhere. It has also happened to me more times than I can count so it has somewhat traumatized me an' so I also feel really insecure when it happens. So to be honest I did message her several time to see if she was okay.

Is it this that has caused my bad luck with women? Keeping in mind that I'm not an unattractive person (apparently) nor am I overweight..
Do you have any tips to help me? I need all the help I can get, I'm sick of driving away anyone I try to connect with.
How important is space?
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