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Why dump a girl if you think she's so amazing?

I told my ex I saw something that made me think of him drunk and apologized next day for it.
He wrote back and said it was good to hear from me and not to be sorry
He then told me I was an amazing, beautiful and very nice person.
It all came to a head between us because I found out he had a long distance girlfriend. He asked me why I was getting involved with that when she never came home. I asked why he didn't get rid of her (he has now. She's coming home after all. He just wanted her because he wanted to live in London & didn't want to give up on that rather than her) if she never comes home. He couldn't answer me that. I knownow it's because he was still hoping she'd let him live in her flat near where Amy Winehouse lived.
If I'm so amazing, why dump me? Why drag someone into your life if you already have someone? And why get involved with someone just because of what they can offer/where they live?
Would you have a ldr with soneone just because of where they live in hope of going yourself? A girl I know did the same thing as him with a guy who lived in Australia, except he overheard her telling someone that's why she was with him and dumped her.
Are people really this bad? I would never have gotten involved with him if I had known the truth. He told me he had friends in London who he was going to move in with when he graduated, not a girlfriend. I would never have had anything to do with it. If I'd known the truth.
Why dump a girl if you think she's so amazing?
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