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My boyfriend's ex wants to be friends with me or?

Okay so little back story. My boyfriends ex and I used to be friends several years ago, when i was like 12. I'll be 20 in a month.
Before my boyfriend and I started dating, he was friends with his ex and me. She didn't really seem to be too fond of us hanging out. I had even asked her to hang out a couple of times and she didn't or wasn't able to.
Fast forward to when we started dating, she asked my boyfriend to hangout. She posted a picture of her with him and his brothers with the caption "good memories <3". And her dad told my boyfriend I made them feel unwelcome at HIS house.
I told my boyfriend I didn't want him hanging out with her, as she is his ex girlfriend. Makes sense right?
Well her and I didn't get along, we TPd her house (immature I know, but fun at the time). Anyways I messaged her one day just to apologize. We made up and didn't talk any further. Fast forward a few months and she likes one of my facebook posts so I send her a friend request and she declines it... just to go friend my boyfriend on Facebook. We still hadn't talked, but obviously she was stalking my Facebook. SO then a couple months later, she messages me and tells me she used to look up to me and she "loves me" and blah blah blah.
Im so confused... is she honestly trying to be my friend? Or is she just trying to get with my boyfriend? She knows I don't want them hanging out, so maybe she thinks the thing keeping her from him is me. Maybe she thinks if she can be friends with me, she can be friends with him? I don't know please help!
My boyfriend's ex wants to be friends with me or?
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