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I kissed her neck and she didn't welcome it. Did I mess up badly?

The first date with this girl went great. We hung out, had fun, got to know each other, and ended the date with two short make out sessions, while her Uber waited for us (lol).

The second date comes and although it felt like it wasn't as smooth as the first date, (we were both tired, both had a rough week, and we had to go back for my debit card that I forgot at the first bar), we still had a good time and kissed and made out numerous times throughout the night.

I drove her home, and before she got out we made out for at least a good 10 or 15 minutes. After I while, I was really feeling her and the moment, and so I started to softly kiss the side of her face and eventually made my way to her neck. With her eyes still closed, her mouth sprung open in such a way that looked as though she was overloaded with pleasure, and said, "that feels funny", followed by lowering her head to block off her neck moments later. We paused for a moment, went back to making out, and I became drawn to her face and neck again shortly after, and again she blocked it off. We paused, I chuckled and smiled in a way to let her know I wasn't mad, and we went back to just kissing for a bit longer.

After that and some small talk she gave me a long hug goodbye, said thank you for a good time, and she got out and walked to her house. During the drive home she texted me, "hey, I just wanted to say thanks again for a great night!"

Any opinions? Was the neck kiss a bad move to do on a second date? I noticed that she seems like a somewhat shy and reserved person. She never initiates touching or kiss, but she does welcome and reciprocates it.
I kissed her neck and she didn't welcome it. Did I mess up badly?
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