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Should we have space or leave it?

Over the past 3 months, I've become really close to this guy. Everything was going well, and it was just friendship, no feelings. However, after him and his most recent girlfriend broke up 2 or 3 weeks ago, he has started being a lot more flirty with me. I do it back. At first, I knew I didn't like him, but I wasn't sure how he felt. One of my friends asked him, but he didn't answer the question. In response, he asked her if I liked him. He then told her that he thinks I'm fantastic, loves me and wouldn't want to hurt me. He also said that he isn't ready for a relationship and thinks he wouldn't be able to give me what he wants.

After this, I clarified with him that I don't know how I feel, but I don't want a relationship, and he said he's glad we're on the same page. However, now I think me liking him is a high possibility, but because he hasn't said how he feels, I'm not sure if me liking him is a good decision. He also reminds me a lot of my ex, and so does our friendship. Having said that, that is definitely not the reason I became friends with him. I'm absolutely terrified of catching feelings for him, so I'm not sure if I should ask him for space or leave things as they are.

Asking for space may mean things won't go back to how they are, and he means everything to me and I cannot lose him. However, leaving things as they are may mean starting to like him. He also brought up a girl I don't like, and I think he realised I got mad so he just said he had to go. That was earlier today and we haven't talked since.
Should we have space or leave it?
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