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Is this guy dating multiple girls?

So I started talking to a guy on tinder about 2 weeks ago, he asked me to meet rather quickly, but I was very busy and he was as well. He insisted on keeping on contact and just meeting when the time is right for the both of us, in those 2 weeks he texted me a lot, every morning throughout the day until he goes to sleep.

When we finally met up for a date, I noticed he had really put in some effort and was very attentive and complementing me a lot. During the date he mentioned going on a 2nd date at least 3 times, and he texted me 20 minutes after the date had ended to let me know he had had a good time and would like to see me again.

I know it is tinder and people are allowed to date different people at the same time, but I'm just not down for that.

I follow him on instagram, and I couldn''t help but notice he had started following another girl, and I saw he had liked her 3 most recent pics (bit of a flirty instagram move imo) and she put a convo between him and her (about bullshit) on her story with a heart and tagging his name very big. This kinda turned me off from him, it can still be friendly but I don't know.

I'm still talking to him but I'm just not sure if I want to partake in some sort of circle dating scene. where he is eventually going to choose someone.

He always texts me, if I don't respond he double or triple texts me. If I'm being a bit less responsive in text he immediately starts showing more interest in me, texting more and trying to get my attention and to engage more. he will start being more flirty and try to show that he's serious about me.

I just don't know about this behaviour. Could it mean he's actually serious about me or is this some typical fuckboy shit to make sure I don't lose interest in him?
Is this guy dating multiple girls?
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