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Am I being ghosted? What should I do?

Hi. I'm a 21yrs old female and I met this 23yrs old male on tinder over three months ago. We hit it off so well that we started going out semi-regularly and talking every single day ever since. He was the one who called our outings "dates" and I went with it. I was really, really happy. A week ago, he began acting off, being less attentive to my texts. I asked if something was going on. He told me he is having a weird time in his life, but nothing to do with me. Last Friday, he told me he didn't feel like talking because he wasn't in a good mood but would text me later that day. I respected it and he never texted me. Am I getting ghosted? I wanted to ask what is up or if he is ghosting me but I don't know if I should? I want to believe what he told me but it feels really off, at this point. We never stood silent for so long
Am I being ghosted? What should I do?
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