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Is my boyfriends mom trying to kill me?

Ok so right off the batt I noticed that my boyfriends mom was a little crazy but I wasn’t gonna judge! Now that it’s been two years and she still acts weird around me, I think she hates me?

-first, she put cameras all over the house as soon as me and him started dating? I feel like I am constantly being watched when I’m at his house!

-she tried to acuse ME of stealing food and beer! (I don’t like beer! And if I ate some food I would confess cause that’s no big deal!) it wasn’t me tho!

-she came into my boyfriends room and dumped all of my dirty clothes into the floor so that she could use the laundry basket! I thought that was just rude!

-the last thing is crazy! She is constantly making us food! And whenever I eat her food, I feel super sick! Two nights ago she made brats! My boyfriend wasn’t in the mood for brats so he ate a burger he made himself! I ate two brats and woke up 4 hours after to puke

-she also is very very very opinionated and if it’s not her way it’s wrong! She is constantly judging me and my decisions when it comes to work/school! Like bro let me live my life!

what do I do?
Is my boyfriends mom trying to kill me?
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