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I can't stop thinking about her?

This girl that I've grown up with is about 7 years younger than me. We have hung out on occasion in the past year or so. She is real nice girl. However her mother doesn't seem to fond of me. Which is surprising because her mom had known me since I was 7. Her dad is different always very friendly, asking my future plans in life. Even asked my dad a while back what my relationship status is. After tried to hang out with her more but each time something came up. She apologized and said it seems like everytime something kept coming up. Her efforts seem honest she was in school. But after some time I just gave up. Since then I've seen her maybe twice and she seem interactive and engaging. I stopped hanging out with her but think about her everyday. She is a really good girl and I feel like I would click so good with her. But I wonder if she feels the same. Should I try again or just leave this alone?
I can't stop thinking about her?
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