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What are these texting habits about?

One of my male friends whom I don't get the chance to see very often (but everyone thinks he is interested in me) confuses me with his texting habits. If I text him he texts back almost immediately. However, if I say something like "I'll swing by sometime" (he works in a place of retail) he doesn't respond at all. Yet, if I see him out somewhere he acts as if he is overjoyed to see me. Or if I text about something else he again responds almost immediately. I will say he is the epitome of that whole nice guys finish last saying. He has been hurt more than once before and tends to put up a front of acting like a POS when he isn't at all once you get to know him. So i never know if he isn't responding b/c he doesn't want me dropping in or if he just doesn't want to put himself out there. He also sometimes responds, again almost immediately, with only an emoji. Any advice here guys?
What are these texting habits about?
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