What are the chances of a short guy dating a tall girl?

I am 5'6 and she is 6'0 tall. I don't have a problem with her being taller than me, but I don't really know if she is willing to go with me.


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  • It will be difficult my friend, you have to be "Confident" "Funny" "Charming". If you end up getting to know her she will most likely think of you as her little brother or your mother, and put you in the friend zone. She will call you "adorable" and no guy wants to be called that. At least I don't... Besides every girl wants to look up to her man or wear high heels. So, I wouldn't go for her. Got to know your limitations, you know?

  • Im 6" 7, but I date girls that are taller. If you play your cards right you can easily do it. Like I always say:" Any girl can be sweeped of her feet! You just need the right broom"

    • really now? 6'7 and date taller girls..

    • Haha I typed wrong 5" 7 xD

    • hahahah I was going to say, you must have a really difficult time finding girls who are above 6 foot 7

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