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Why playing games?

Why some girls play games when a guy is honest i mean i met this girl she said i want a friend i said ok then we go out she start taking ton of photos of me in her mobile phone then she got slightly drunk i just kept my eye on here she comes she hold me and dance i took it easy i even didnot hold her using my hand palm only my forearm , so she doesn't think that i donot respect her wish , then today when we was talking she said you like me i said yes but i respect that you want to be friends then we talked a little she was like dont be angry i just said am not its all good she said good night ok good night then she put a photo saying (if a woman told u to leave her alone do it but also donot do it ) i mean WTF dude i donot like these mixed signals its not comfortable and by the way she always sent flowers kisses and she left with friends for few days she said i might not have internet please donot lose me
Why playing games?
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