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How to read this situation?

We met on an app and hit it off right away. Personalities clicked instantly. We were texting non-stop everyday for a month and finally met up in person (we were both on summer vacay and away from the city we live in). We hit it off in person as well but due to our busy schedules, decided to take it slow and see each other casually for now and just go on dates, have some fun, and enjoy being in the moment without any commitment. Was totally on board with this. But because of our busy schedules, it's been hard to make plans even on weekends, and the last two times I've tried to plan something he's been working crazy hours and couldn't meet up, which I understood. I finally told him I'm simply putting the ball in his court since he has an even crazier schedule than me and to let me know when he's down to hang. He said he understood and that he'll text me the next day because he has an early morning. Now radio silence from him for five days. Was I being too clingy or is it that he lost interest or a mix of both? I just want some clarity on the situation so I can move on and get some closure.
How to read this situation?
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