I like her but I think she's straight?

I started freshman year of university and I had this girl in my class who was really pretty and at first I thought that obviously she was straight, but then I started talking to her, and (besides that her personality is really fucking great) I felt a connection between the two of us, and it felt like we were kind of flirting, but at first I thought it was only my imagination. Then we started making eye contact during class (a fucking lot of eye contact) and she tried to get my attention often, and I started to get my hopes up, but then she said that she would never date a girl, but didn't stop with the eye contact and the banter which was full of sexual tension (our classmates said that it wasn't only on my side sooo), so I don't know if she's trying to be friendly or she likes me.
Should I tell her I like her and get it over with, or should I wait and see what happens?
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I like her but I think she's straight?
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