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Why am I feeling disconnected?

I know that no matter what I still truly do love him, but there’s times where I just wanna be single, is that normal? And not single so that I can go and be with other people, I don’t wanna be with anyone else. Often times, he doesn’t listen to me or reinterprets what I say or even just assumes, when fighting its always just one sided because even if im in the wrong, he doesn’t wanna upset me. He’s constantly buying me things and putting me first, which I love, but we’re young, I don’t want him to waste time on me or have regrets, especially because I don’t do those things in return, simply because I don’t have money and I just don’t understand how you can completely love someone more than yourself. He’s also a bad texter, and I don’t expect him to text me everyday, but when we don’t see each other daily and stuff id like to at least talk. I don’t know, im just feeling so confused and conflicted.
Why am I feeling disconnected?
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