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Can I find a date without being a player?

Maybe it just has to do with where I live. I live in a ghetto area. So girls really go for players. Every hood thug guy is swimming in girls. So maybe where I live really doesn’t say much about anything.

But still it kind of sucks lol. I have been having better and better times with girls. But ONLY because I have decided to try out adopting playerish behavior. And the results are incredible to be honest. From absolute loser to hugging and kissing girls.

But I don’t want to be a player. I want to find a girl to love.

But I fear that without acting like a player, I’ll never find a girl.

And so now I’m stuck. What do I do? I don’t want to be a player. It’s too much! You have to constantly flirt with every single fucking girl, just to remain congruent. You have to treat every woman like a potential sex partner. There’s not much room for getting to know her better or all of the stuff I prefer.

But at the same time, if I’m not acting like a player, I’m just not talking to girls at all. I’ve tried approaching without the player attitude. But girls just get creeped out. If I talk without all of the sexual innuendo and touching and sexual pressure... the girls become creeped out and they don’t want to be around me or talk to me at all. Turn on the player vibes and it’s all good.

I honestly do not like this. I hate this. I don’t want to have to be a player to find a girlfriend, to find love.

Maybe it’s just because I live in the hood. All the girls go for thugs and drug dealers. There’s no room for a corny “white” boy like me. I’m not white but I am perceived as such because I’m intelligent and well spoken. I’m out of place in the hood even though I’ve grown up in various hood areas my whole life. I’ve always been an outsider.

I guess I have to just move away. I just hope I leave and I don’t realize that I must become a player to find a girl everywhere... that would give me a lot of depression lol.
Can I find a date without being a player?
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