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When a guy withdraws?

Hi there,
I was dating this guy (as in going out on dates, getting to know each other, talking every day but not yet as girlfriend/boyfriend, taking it slow) for the past three months and everything was going great.
Eventually, last week, he started acting off. I asked him if anything was up and he told me he wasn't feeling very well but it wasn't anything to do with me. I told him if he wanted to talk to me, he could, but he isn't the kind of person to vent or talk about his feelings very much - he told me he doesn't even talk too much about that to his guy friends, he prefers to deal with it alone. Ok, all good.
A couple of days pass, he is still acting weird and different, less attentive, but he reassures, once again, that it was nothing to do with me. At some point, he texts me saying he wasn't feeling well still and he didn't want to come off as rude or anything to me so he would talk to me later.
3 silent days pass and I was feeling insecure (as if he was ghosting me) so I asked him if anything was up, if he wanted me to drop contact entirely, I just would like to be told so I didn't bother him again but i'd respect it. Nothing too crazy but I understand that maybe I was being a bit too insecure but I needed to know so I could lick my wounds and move on instead of waiting. A couple of hours later, he told me he still isn't in a good emotional moment and he doesn't think it's fair for me (or anyone) to talk to someone who isn't ok right now. I told him it was ok and all that but he didn't reply telling me if we would talk again eventually or not.
The thing is, as we are not in a relationship, i don't know if I should take this as a polite rejection (I literally just wanted a very blunt one, if I could pick lol) or as what he told me? I won't reach out anymore but what should I think/do? Is it usual for guys, generally speaking, to just drop off when they aren't well?
Thank you!
When a guy withdraws?
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