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Do I still love him? Or am I just in a slump?

I have been in a relationship for two years now and recently my significant other went on a trip and came back, jokingly I told them that they should have texted me a bit more while they were away, I give the other person their space and trust them fully. The other person then a week later wants to call me clingy for doing this one thing in our two year relationship. I get inside of my house crying and I then get texts from the other person repeatedly apologizing about how what they said was a big miscommunication on their part. How they didn’t mean to call me clingy and how when he said what he said it was just out of frustration. I give him enough space when he’s with his friends, and I could really be CONTROLLING and crazy (call him non stop, spam text him) he broke my heart when he said that I texted, “I miss you,” too much apparently. Over his 5 day trip I only said “I miss you” four times... which is not a lot. So the next day we made up but I have kept my distance since. He gets upset because he said that he didn’t want me treating him differently after our little fall out... but how could I not? I feel scared because of how unexpected things could get. I already told him all of my fears and how I I’m afraid of how things could go south. He made it clear this wouldn’t happen, but I have trust issues. Anywho, we went out tonight and I felt myself wanting to be different and asking myself if I really love him. If I could still see the same future with him that I had pictured in my mind a couple of days ago. I don’t even want to hold hands or kiss. What does this all mean? I’m still attracted to him, and I still care for him. Tonight he began to cry because he noticed how distant I was. Before these events I looked for every little moment to spend time with him, now I’m fine with only seeing him maybe once a week. Help, do I still love him? Or am I at a slump?
Do I still love him? Or am I just in a slump?
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