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Don't what I did wrong?

I was introduced to this young lady, and eventually got her number. I also found out she was inquiring what I thought about her. So eventually I called her, and she never answered. I waited a couple days no return calls, so I decided to text her and she answered. She then decided to call me after that. We went on a couple dates, and I went to meet her (mind you we live a couple hours away). I always try my best to be interesting and seem interested. I also try to make her feel special, but for some reason I think the contact has been waning. I recently called her no answer and no return call, I am going to wait a couple days to see what happens. I just don't know what I am doing wrong, maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

P. S. My folks say if I really am into her that I would keep trying, which I am into her. I just don't want to keep pursuing her and then she really is not into me.
Don't what I did wrong?
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