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I can't get over my boyfriend's perfect ex?

I know I know it's self-defeating to stalk on social media and look at pictures and read old tweets etc. etc. but listen here. My boyfriend broke up with his ex a little under a year ago, and although I know the reason why, I cannot understand how he could be with me after someone like her. They have all of the same interests, both have insanely cool humor, love the same kind of music and went to gigs all the time, and she's insanely hot on top of that, like in a cool indie/alt flowery hipster kind of way. She can sing, she can play instruments, writes beautiful songs, she's fit and... I am nothing like her. I feel like I have a lot less in common with my boyfriend in comparison to her. How can he like me when she was clearly so much better for him? How can I get over this perfect chick and be happy with my boyfriend?
I can't get over my boyfriend's perfect ex?
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